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Filling out this comprehensive questionnaire will give us enough information to provide an accurate quote with relevant options.

Please fill out this form as much as you can.  If there are some questions you don't have answers to, feel free to leave them blank!

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Wedding Details

This information helps us collaborate with other vendors to ensure the smoothest experience on your wedding day.

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Wedding Prep

This information is used to coordinate with our film crew, ensuring we don't miss a moment.

Telling Your Story

We want to tell the best version of your story. This information will ensure we leave nothing to the wayside.

WIll the couple be writing their own vows?
WIll the couple be writing letters to each-other?

One-On-One Interview

We would love to interview you one-on-one before your ceremony. This adds so much to the wedding video, and gives a complete new depth to the scope of your story.

Can we interview the couple before the ceremony?
Will there be toasts at your reception?
Need us to film your rehersal dinner?
Is your dinner longer than 2 hours?
Will there be toasts at your rehersal dinner?
Planning on doing sunset photography?
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