Get to Know Joe

My name is Joseph Keck, but I mostly go by Joe. I am the owner and founder of Caprock Film & Events.

I’ve been around weddings my entire life. My dad was a very successful wedding DJ in the Lubbock area back in the mid to late ‘90s. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2000, my parents started their own online wedding supply store and were very successful. They sold their online shop in 2013, moved us all back to Texas, and began a much smaller online store selling personalized favors and gifts.

Though I was born in Lubbock, I lived in Washington state for most of my childhood. I spent a lot of time dirt biking in Walker Valley. I spent even more time experimenting with green screens, cameras, and lights. Even at a young age, I had a passion for filmmaking. Making things look their best through lighting, composition, and editing was thrilling.

In 2015, my dad and I started Caprock Events, a wedding DJ and lighting company. As with most endeavors, this one has evolved. We now operate, what I consider to be, the best film company in town. Caprock Film & Events specializes in cinematic wedding films; visual narratives that tell the story of your special day.

We have a small and highly passionate team. Caleb, a friend and fellow film connoisseur I met in college, is my second shooter and associate editor. I am also fortunate to have my sister, Faith, along with us to help manage the growth of this company. I am appreciative of everyone who has helped me along the way, and to all of the new friends I have made as I have journeyed towards producing these wedding films. You all have been a huge contribution to our success!

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